On Loving Yourself

On Loving Yourself

It's time to think about LOVE

Have you ever heard the expression, “You can’t help someone else until you help yourself”? The same idea applies to LOVING YOURSELF. How can you love someone if you don’t love yourself first?

LOVE is complex. It is associated to a mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person, but of course it can also be used to apply to animals, to principles, and to religious beliefs too.


Love has been a favored topic of philosophers, poets, writers, and scientists for generations, and different people and groups have often fought about its definition. Whatever the definition you follow, LOVE as we know it is pure, is full of positivity and emits an abundant of happiness!

Most importantly, however, LOVE starts with YOU! We need more love in our world, whether it is loving our family, our friends, our neighbours or our pets and the environment ... LOVE begins with YOU!

Try this. Visualize yourself with a ball of light glowing from your heart, your chest. It glows with pure love, especially strong with your family and friends. And it is at its strongest when you are loving yourself!

Now, when you love yourself, that pure love is glowing with its brightest light ever so when you show affection to others, you take a small piece of that light and share it with them. With every coffee you buy for someone even if he or she is a stranger, or when you listen to a friend when they're down or lend a hand to help someone up and better yet, a simple smile or a "Have a nice day" to those you pass by - you are giving that someone a piece of your light. It is unlimited because it comes from YOU so there's nothing you need to do to replenish it.

However, when you don't love yourself, it depletes with every kindness and affection you express to others. This light, in return, can diminish and eventually goes out and you may feel burnt and exhausted. Once you begin to feel emotionally exhausted, you will not be able to find any positivity in anything, and that's when depression starts to sink in. If you are depressed, how can you share anything with others?

It is, therefore, utmost important to remember, in order to be able to be genuinely happy - in your heart, mind, and soul, you have to love yourself. And only have you found love in yourself, you can share that love, that light, to others around you and help them light up their love as well! When we can spread this love around, the world will definitely be a much happier, more loving place to live!

Hope you have found this little tidbit of wisdom from our friends at https://www.goodtherapy.org and https://www.lifehack.org helpful to start February by thinking about LOVE and remember that it starts with YOU in ways that make you happy! We, at SB, always want to share our love with you, our fans as we count our blessings. And starting with you, we'd love to THANK YOU for your continued support even during these crazy times ...

Be kind to yourself. Enjoy some LOVE!

- SB family