Mommy Bags Collection

Mommy Bags Collection

These Mommy Bags are not only fashionable but also a practical and functional necessity for every event! Top zipper closure, fully lined thermal insulated interior keeps beverages and your baby's favourite snacks cold for hours. Perfect for outings with your little one!

An unbeatable alternative: Carry and enjoy your baby's or your own favorite drinks anywhere at the perfect temperature! The Refillable Beverage Bags can be filled with up to 3 liters of any beverage and transforms your bag into a stylish, portable drink dispenser. Simply fill the Refillable Beverage Bag and insert it into your Mommy Bag.  

It truly is every mommy's wish bag ... spacious enough to carry all your little one's needs!  When not in use as a drink dispenser, these Mommy Bags can be used to keep your baby's blankets warm and snugly by simply inserting a handy heat pack inside the bag.  Especially important on those cold winter days!

Better yet, it doubles as a Versa Drink Purse to carry and enjoy wine or any of your other favorite beverages anywhere without worrying about fragile glass bottles!  

Who says Mommy Bags can't be trendy ... These are absolutely versatile yet stylish!

  1. Versa-Purse - Red Croc
  1. Versa-Purse - Blue Turquoise
  1. Versa-Purse - Group Therapy
  1. Versa-Purse - Live Laugh
  1. Versa-Purse - Red Quilted
  1. Refillable Beverage Bag (for Versa Drink Purse) - 2 pc set
  1. Versa-Purse - Blue Nautical Stripes
  1. Versa-Purse - Rose Gold
  1. Versa-Purse - CORK
  1. Versa-Purse - Silver Quilted
  1. Versa-Purse - Black Croc
  1. Versa-Purse - PINK TWEED
  1. Versa-Purse - BLACK TWEED
  1. Versa-Purse - Black Quilted
  1. Versa-Purse - TAN PLAID