Versa Drink Purse Collection

Versa Drink Purse Collection

This Versa-Purse is a fashionable and functional necessity for every event! Top zipper closure, fully lined thermal insulated interior keeps beverages cold for hours. Great for outdoor activities!

An unbeatable alternative: Carry and enjoy wine or your other favorite beverages anywhere without worrying about fragile glass bottles. The Refillable Beverage Bags can be filled with up to 3 liters of any beverage and transforms your bag into a stylish, portable drink dispenser. Cocktails, beers, margaritas, bottled wine, juice, anything you can think of. Simply fill the Refillable Beverage Bag and insert it into your Versa-Purse.

Better yet, it doubles as a Mommy Bag to carry all your little one's needs!  

So versatile yet stylish!

  1. Versa-Purse - Red Croc
  1. Versa-Purse - Group Therapy
  1. Versa-Purse - Live Laugh
  1. Versa-Purse - Red Quilted
  1. Refillable Beverage Bag (for Versa Drink Purse) - 2 pc set
  1. Versa-Purse - Blue Nautical Stripes
  1. Versa-Purse - Rose Gold
  1. Versa-Purse - CORK
  1. Versa-Purse - Silver Quilted
  1. Versa-Purse - Black Croc
  1. Versa-Purse - PINK TWEED
  1. Versa-Purse - BLACK TWEED
  1. Versa-Purse - Black Quilted
  1. Versa-Purse - TAN PLAID