Writing Instrument (FEATHER PEN) - Gold/White/Pink/Black Bloc (Single Feather)

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Writing Instrument (FEATHER PEN) - Gold/White/Pink/Black Bloc (Single Feather)
  • Luxurious, beautiful, modern design
  • Delicate feather tipped, gold pen
  • Authentic high quality German construction
  • Designed by and imported from Germany
  • Individual clear box packaging
  • Length: 23 cm
  • Assorted styles in collection

Exquisite yet elegant! This beautiful, delicate feather pen is a must-have for every office! It is not only lovely for the eyes, but also practical for signings and transcribing your precious thoughts to paper. This pen is lovingly handcrafted with its modern designs and contains a replaceable ball point with black ink refill.

Our German-design, stunning, luxury pens may be exactly what you are looking for if you love to write! Perfectly weighted and balanced for your writing comfort - this is a luxury pen designed for those who love to write every day. Whether as a casual or executive writing instrument for work, office or personal use, our beautiful German inspired pens will be admired by those around you! Also makes the perfect gift for a friend, colleague, boss, and especially your loved one!

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