BANNER Greeting Card (Birthday) - Hip Hip Hooray

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BANNER Greeting Card (Birthday) - Hip Hip Hooray
  • Perfect birthday card that can double as decoration
  • Embellished edges in GOLD foil
  • Accordion-style concertina banner card
  • Pocket insert for voucher and gift card
  • Designed in and imported from Germany
  • Individual packaging
  • Dimensions: 9 x 139 CM

This fantastic card, not only looks brilliant on its own, but it also comes as a colorful garland and banner - so there's double the birthday wishes for the birthday girl or boy and an added decorative effect too! Perfect for decorating any party!

LESS is MORE! Our greeting cards from Germany are printed on high-quality paper, each with an added touch of design, artwork, and decorative motifs that will touch the recipient's heart when they receive it. Inside, there is purposely no pre-printed message. In the German culture, it is intended for the giver to write their handwritten heart-felt message. It is only your personal greetings that make this card something special. Whether as a gift or personally delivered, this card will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime!

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