Spring has officially arrived!


Spring is all about getting a fresh start.  Leaves start to grow on trees again, flowers start to bloom, and the weather finally begins to warm up. It's the perfect time to get outside and get active before the temperatures become unbearable.

With our friends at www.insider.comwe've come up with the top 5 spring activities that will help you and your family get rid of those winter blues and kick off a new, sunnier season.  Welcome SPRING!!!


1. Spend some time outdoors

You've likely been locked up inside all winter trying to escape the cold temps and from the pandemic, so the second the weather gets nice you should head outside. Go for a bike ride, have fun at your neighbourhood park, take a hike, or simply take a leisure walk.  Enjoy some outdoor time with your loved ones!


2. Have an outdoor picnic

While you're outdoors already, why not stay out for your next meal!  You don't have to lay down the checkered blanket and carry wicker baskets, but enjoying a big outdoor lunch or a light afternoon snack is a great way to kick off the season just the same.


3. Get organized for the new season

It's called spring cleaning for a reason. The year might technically start in January, but springtime is the season of rejuvenation. Get rid of the things you never touch, clean your living spaces, and put your organizational skills to good use. People around the world are obsessed with this decluttering method.  Try it for yourself and get the kids involved.  Next thing you know, your place looks spotless & brand new!


4. Donate ... then go shopping

While you're spring cleaning ... think about all the less fortunate families around us and consider donating our once used items instead of just tossing them out.  Donating not only will help these unfortunate families, but your home can also get a quick makeover too!  After clearing your old items, hit the racks for new ones. Spring is one of the best times to shop for new things (especially clothes) because all the new trends of the season will start to arrive in stores. You can also find some stellar sales on winter clothes if you need to gear up for next year.  Whether you shop in-person or online ... your local shops will definitely appreciate your support!


5. Visit local farmer's market

Many local farmers' markets have been closed all winter long, but with spring arriving, so too will they start back up again. You can browse a variety of goods and support small, local businesses while shopping for all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season and checking out the year's trendiest foods.


Whatever suits your spring's interest, get up and stop to smell the roses!  Literally. With all the beautiful flowers popping up, birds chirping in the fresh air and public gardens opening their gates, take some time to surround yourself with the green scenery and the new life around you.  Simply enjoy the season!  Happy Spring!


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