Writing Instrument - Luxury Lead Pencil with CAT Accent (WHITE)

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Writing Instrument - Luxury Lead Pencil with CAT Accent (WHITE)
  • Luxurious, beautiful, modern design
  • Lead pencil in BLACK & GOLD with CAT accent
  • Embellished with intricate ornament
  • Authentic high quality German construction
  • Designed by & imported from Germany
  • Length: 18 cm
  • Assorted styles in collection

Our German-design, stunning, luxury pencils may be exactly what you are looking for if you love to write! Perfectly weighted and balanced for your writing comfort – this is a luxury pencil designed for those who love to write every day. Whether as a casual or executive writing instrument for work, office or personal use, our beautiful German inspired pencils will be admired by those around you! Also makes the perfect gift for a friend, colleague, boss, and especially your loved one!

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