SUGAR BOWL (220ml) - Mea Jade Porcelain

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SUGAR BOWL - Mea Jade Porcelain (220 mL)
  • Part of the “Suela® Home" Collection
  • Quality: Jade Porcelain
  • Volume capacity: 220 mL (0.22 L)
  • Imported from EU
  • Product Care: Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • Available in assorted tabletop products with matching design

This beautiful sugar bowl is printed with high quality sublimation and heat press equipment. Our top quality products and inks are used to produce permanent images that are vibrant and brilliant that will not fade with proper care.

Light-weight to handle yet smooth to touch, this elegantly designed sugar bowl is perfect for any tea set "¦ for personal use or as a thoughtful gift!

Tip: Look out for matching napkin designs and other tabletop products from our Suela® Home collection!

The Suela® Home Collection:

A refined mix between earthy and botanical, that is what Suela® Home stands for. This quality lifestyle brand draws its inspiration from historic Mediterranean cities where nostalgic buildings come together with ultra-modern architecture in an exquisite way. The characteristic mix of the past, the present and the future in combination with romantic flowers, makes Suela® Home a distinctive brand that is suitable for everyone. Anywhere and anytime, in a rustic cottage or in a luxurious penthouse, this lifestyle brand gives you the ultimate feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning in a luxurious modern hotel in a Mediterranean city. Over looking a classic building, drifting away with a hot cup of coffee in your hand "¦ “Embrace a touch of history and a glimpse of the future. Be timeless."